Things are changing.

I’m used to being the first person in the room, and often the only person, to mention ageism. A few years ago, charged with wrapping up a one-day seminar on “The Politics of Aging” at the Columbia Journalism School, I let my frustration get the better of me and opened my summary with, “You can no more talk about the politics of aging without mentioning ageism than you can talk about the experience of being black without mentioning racism.” Things were very different at two conferences this week.


Launching my YouTube channel! And introducing the first video clip.

        Clip #1 - Ageism: the last socially sanctioned prejudice  

What’s a prejudice? Treating people unfairly because of how we think about them—even when that opinion isn’t based on anything but unexamined feelings. Assuming, for example, that talking to someone much older or younger than you will be boring because they won’t really listen, or because you wouldn’t be interested in any of the same things. 

That’s a mistake.