fantastic response to my talk at the Ko Festival

Writer and monologuist Jenny Allen called it "a call to arms, in the best best way . . . ready for prime time, ready to be heard." Performer and playwright Lenelle Moise said it was "Holistic, deep, urgent - and also fun." Playwright and performer Connie Congdon, whose piece preceded mine, gave me a standing ovation.

The talkback was energetic, and people said afterwards that they were thinking hard about many points I raised. Very gratifying, as writing is a solitary business.

Now working hard on making the talk really ready for prime time. Also on promoting Yo, is this ageist?, which is turning into a lot of fun.  Got my first flame today, which makes me feel like I've arrived. Send in your questions!



I'm not sure when yet - but I WILL be giving it widely.  keep checking on the blog, and thanks for your interest.