Life at 83: “even better, richer than people know”

Wincingly titled “The Loin in Winter,” a story on the front page of the New York Times describes Hugh Hefner’s work-, travel-, and fun-filled life.  Granted, not too many octogenarians would have a slew of 20-somethings eager to move in, as did Hef after breaking up with his “No. 1 girlfriend” last fall.  (He picked three blondes; don’t miss the photo.)

“I am 67 years old. I am who I am.”

Hats off to Susan Llewellyn. In a New York Times Letter to the Editor today, she called New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg on his response (above) to reporters pressing him about a recent spate of offensive remarks. “It reads a lot like, ‘I am 67 years old and too old to change.’” Llewellyn commented.  “As someone who has two years on His Honor, I still hope never to use my age as an excuse for my attitudes!”


Helen Gressett: “Making a difference, that’s what I love.”

Helen Gressett described herself as “a very strong adherent of social justice,  even before we really knew what that was,” and “a feminist, even before I heard the word.” At 62, after a career as a social worker, she helped establish Monterey County’s first child abuse prevention unit. It was uphill work because doctors and teachers didn’t want to admit the abuse was taking place. “I chose it because it was so unpopular,” she admitted with a smile.