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great blurb from experts on geriatric mental health

The mission to address the health and well being of older adults will not be completely fulfilled until we dismantle ageism.  This Chair Rocks is a talk that confirms our knowledge that emotional well being is abundant in later life, challenges us to face our own internalized ageism, and inspires us to envision a future in which our society is released from the fetters of age-related prejudice and discrimination.  And it’s fun, too!

--Geriatric Mental Health Alliance of New York


giving talk for the Geriatric Mental Health Association of NY

Below, the snappy promotional email that the Geriatric Mental Health Association of NY is sending out to promote my talk on Monday, March 18, at the Silberman School of Social Work.  It's co-sponsored by the Brookdale Center for Healthy Aging.  Very exciting. My first paying audience too ($15) - but you can see it for free at Senior Planet this Thursday, Feb 21.


some interesting quotes from this year’s Age Boom seminar

On March 21-25 I attended the 12th annual Age Boom Academy, a seminar for journalists covering “the myths and realities of aging in America.”  Billed as a Joint Program by the Columbia Mailman School of Public Health and the Columbia Journalism School, it was sponsored by the Atlantic Philanthropies, AARP and The New York Times and took place at Columbia.  (Previous Age Booms were held at the International Longevity Center and hosted by Bob Butler, whom I sorely missed. It was terrific and I’ll be writing about it more substantively, but in the meanwhile here are some thoughts from assorted speakers that stuck with me.